Set up a Board Support Package (QNX Neutrino)


QNX Neutrino and Linux hosts:

setupbsp installation_dir archive

Windows hosts:

ksh $QNX_HOST/usr/bin/setupbsp installation_dir archive

Runs on:

All supported hosts.


Where you'd like to install the BSP. This directory must not already exist, and its name can't include spaces.
The name of the BSP archive. This archive must be a simplified-style BSP; for more information, see the Working with a BSP chapter of Building Embedded Systems.


The setupbsp script opens an archive of a QNX Neutrino 6.3.2 simplified-style BSP and installs the BSP. The setupbsp script puts two copies of the BSP on your system, in these locations:

Decide whether to use the command-line tools or the IDE, and don't work with the other copy.

The setupbsp script creates various Makefiles, as well as an uninstall script. Don't rename the directory after running setupbsp, or else you won't be able to build or uninstall the BSP properly.

After you've installed the BSP, you'll find some or all of the following in installation_dir (depending on what the BSP includes):

File or directory Description
uninstall A script that will uninstall the BSP and its documentation
images/ All buildfiles and the Makefile
install/ An empty directory where make installs the binaries that it builds from the source code
prebuilt/ Prebuilt binaries, libraries, and headers
src/ Source code
Makefile Control file for building the source code A script that sets up the build environment (to be included in the Makefile)
source.xml The XML file that the IDE uses
docs/usr/help/product/bsp_BSP_name/ Documentation to be copied to $QNX_TARGET/usr/help/product
BSP_name_rel.html Release notes

See also:

Working with a BSP chapter of Building Embedded Systems

For information about packaging a BSP, see our Foundry27 community website.