Build a QNX System Builder project


mksbp project_path

mksbp workspace project_path 

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino, Linux, Microsoft Windows


The full path to the System Builder project that you want to build.


The mksbp utility builds the specified QNX System Builder project, which you must have created in the IDE. The purpose of this utility is to build a System Builder project from the command line or a script, for example as a part of a nightly build.

If you use the first variant of the command (with one argument), you must have physically created the project in some IDE workspace; if the argument is some_path\myproject, mksbp interprets some_path as the workspace location, and myproject as a subdirectory in this workspace where the project is located.

You can optionally create any project that's just logically linked to a workspace (through metadata redirection — see the IDE's project-creation wizard). The two-argument syntax is applicable in this case: the first argument targets the workspace location, and the second one holds the project name (just the name, not a full path; the IDE will find its real location).

This utility uses the QNX_HOST environment variable to find the target runtime binaries. Ensure that it's set up (see qconfig or QWinCfg) before running this program.

Generated output is placed in the project's Images directory, mimicking the behavior within the QNX Momentics IDE exactly.

See also:

qconfig, QWinCfg

IDE User's Guide