Driver for the Broadcom-based 43xx 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet controller


io-pkt-variant -d bcm43xx [option[,option ...]] ... &

where variant is one of v4, v4-hc, or v6-hc.

Runs on:



Note: Use commas (,), not spaces, to separate the options.

The IRQ of the interface. It's automatically detected by default.
The MAC address of controller. The default is automatically detected on supported hardware.
Run the driver in PIO mode; the default is bus master.
Be verbose. Specify num for more verbosity (num can be 1-4, the higher the number, the more detailed the output). The output goes to slogger; invoke sloginfo to view it.


The driver controls the Broadcom-based 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet controller. This is a native io-pkt driver; its interface names are in the form bcmX, where X is an integer.

The driver is fully integrated with the 802.11 layer in the stack. It supports both infrastructure client and access point modes of operation. For further information, see ifconfig, wpa_supplicant, and hostapd.

Some devices support hardware checksums, although some might do so in only one direction; to determine if your device does, type:

ifconfig bcmX

and look for the following in the list of supported options:

You can then use ifconfig to enable or disable whichever of these options your device supports.

Note: Native io-pkt and ported NetBSD drivers don't put entries into the /dev/io-net namespace, so a waitfor command for such an entry won't work properly in buildfiles or scripts. Use if_up -p instead; for example, instead of waitfor /dev/io-net/bcm0, use if_up -p bcm0.


Start the v6 variant of io-pkt using the Broadcom 43xx driver:

io-pkt-v6-hc -d bcm43xx

See also:

devn-*, devnp-*, hostapd, ifconfig, io-pkt, nicinfo, wpa_supplicant