Elographics input manager for Photon


devi-elo [general_opts] 
         protocol* [protocol_opts]*
         device* [device_opts]*
         filter* [filter_opts]*

Runs on:



Note: When you use a devi-* driver for a touchscreen device, you need a calibration file. The calibration file is generated from the output produced by the calib utility:
calib > calib_file.txt

For more information, see the calib utility in the Utilities Reference, and Touchscreens in the Neutrino User's Guide.

General options:

Prevent the use of the Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Backspace keychord to exit Photon (permitted by default).
-d device
Device (default: /dev/photon or $PHOTON).
A graphics driver isn't requires when starting a touchscreen driver. This option is useful when you're debugging.
-g input_group
Input group (default: 1).
List the internal modules. Modules are listed in the following format where class is one of: D — Device, P — Protocol, or F — Filter:
module name | date compiled | revision | class
Verbose output. More v characters cause more verbosity.

The protocol and protocol_opts are:

smartset [smartset_opts] [fd fd_opts]|[uart uart_opts]

The protocol modules and their options are:

The device modules and their options are:

The filter modules and their options are:


The devi-elo command starts the Elographics input manager for Photon.


Connect the Smartset controller to the first serial port. Use the serial manager to get input data. Touching the screen emulates a right mouse button press:

devi-elo smartset fd -d/dev/ser1 abs -b

See also:

devi-*, inputtrap