Sound driver for the AudioPCI chip family

Note: You must be root to start this driver.


Direct invocation (also causes a new io-audio process to start):

io-audio -d audiopci [pci=xx] &

Mounting (requires that io-audio is already running):

mount -Tio-audio [-opci=xx] /lib/dll/ &

Runs on:



x86, MIPS, and PPC


pci xx
The PCI index of the card you want to attach to. If this option is not specified, the driver will attempt to find the first unused card in the system.


The shared object is a device driver DLL used by the io-audio manager. It uses the API described in the Audio Developer's Guide.

While is running, you can use applications with sound, and those that control the sound-system (e.g. mixer).

Note: Graphics drivers run at a higher priority than applications, but they shouldn't run at a higher priority than the audio, or else breaks in the audio occur. You can use the on command to adjust the priorities of the audio and graphics drivers.


Invoke directly from io-audio:

io-audio -d audiopci &

Mount (io-audio must be running):

mount -Tio-audio /lib/dll/ &

Files: or
Supports the mixer.


When an error occurs, sends a description of the error to the system logger (see slogger).

Contributing author:

This utility is based on software contributed to The NetBSD Foundation
by Lennart Augustsson <> and Charles M. Hannum.


This utility is based on software from The NetBSD foundation; for licensing information, see the Third Party License Terms List at

See also:

io-audio, mixer

Audio Developer's Guide