Compress and decompress files


Compress and decompress files:

bzip2 [options] [files...]

Decompress files:

bunzip2 [options] [files...]

Decompress files to standard output:

bz2cat [options] [files...]

Runs on:



Set the blocksize to 100k … 900k.
Send output to standard output.
Force decompression.
Force the utility to overwrite existing output files.
Display a help message.
Keep (i.e. don't delete) input files.
Compress repetitive blocks better.
Compress repetitive blocks faster.
(Small) use less memory (at most 2500K).
Test the integrity of the compressed file.
Verbose output; a second v makes the utility more verbose.
Force compression.


This utility compresses and decompresses files:

If no file names are given, bzip2 compresses or decompresses from standard input to standard output.

See also:

freeze, gzip, pax, tar

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