Converting to a QNX project

To convert a non-QNX project into a QNX project:
  1. From the menu, select File > New > Other… .
  2. Expand QNX.
  3. Select Convert to a QNX Project.
  4. Click Next. The Convert C/C++ Projects wizard appears.

    Convert to QNX project wizard

  5. Select the project(s) you want to convert in the Candidates for conversion field.
  6. Specify the language (C or C++).
  7. Specify the type of project (application or library).
  8. Click Finish. Your converted project appears in the Project Explorer view.
    Note: For IDE 4.5 or later, you will also have to do the following steps in order to successfully complete the conversion process:
    1. After the conversion, right-click on the project and select Properties.
    2. On the left, expand C/C++ Build and select Tool chain editor.
    3. On the right, deselect the option Display compatible toolchains only. The Current toolchain list shows the defined toolchains.
    4. Select a tool chain, such as QNX QCC.
    5. Click OK and exit the Project properties page.
    6. Re-enter the project properties page to verify that all of the C/C++ build settings are set to their default values, including the error parser.
You now have a project with a QNX nature, but you'll need to make further adjustments (e.g. specify a target platform) via the Properties dialog if you want it to be a working QNX project.
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