Adding a post-build action

When you select the Post-build actions category and click Add, you'll see a dialog that lets you select one of four predefined post-build actions for your project:
  1. Copy result to other location
  2. Move result to other location
  3. >Rename result
  4. Run other shell command

In the What field, you specify the item (e.g. application) you want to copy or move; in the Where field, you specify the destination. You can use the To Workspace or To Filesystem buttons to locate the place.

If you select Rename result, a New Name field appears for you to enter the name. If you select Other command, enter the shell command in the field.

Note: You can set up more than one post-build action; they're processed sequentially.

Use the Import wizard to bring resources into your workspace from a filesystem, ZIP archive, or CVS repository.

To open the Import wizard:

  1. Choose File > Import… , or right-click Project Explorer view, and then choose Import…

Import wizard

The Import wizard.

The Import wizard can import resources from several different sources. See Importing projects for more information about possible import sources.

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