Union containing all available frame descriptors for the Sensor library


#include <sensor/sensor_api.h>
typedef union sensor_format_info_t {
    sensor_format_unspecified_t unspecified;
    sensor_format_data_t data;
    sensor_format_video_packed_t video_packed;
    sensor_format_video_cbycry_t video_cbycry;
    sensor_format_video_planar_t video_planar;
    sensor_format_video_semiplanar_t video_semiplanar;
    sensor_format_video_compressed_t video_compressed;
    sensor_format_video_roi_t video_roi;
    sensor_format_user_data_t user_data;
    sensor_format_video_bayer_t video_bayer;
} sensor_format_info_t;


sensor_format_unspecified_t unspecified
An unknown or unspecified format.
sensor_format_data_t data
Data of a given size.

Serves for all formats where the size of the buffer is sufficient to interpret the data.

sensor_format_video_packed_t video_packed
Packed video format where luminance and chrominance information is stored together in one plane.
sensor_format_video_cbycry_t video_cbycry
Packed video format for CbYCrY 4:2:2 video.
sensor_format_video_planar_t video_planar
Planar video where the first plane is used for luminance, and the second and third planes are used for chrominance.
sensor_format_video_semiplanar_t video_semiplanar
Semi-planar video where the first plane is used for luminance and the second plane is used for chrominance.
sensor_format_video_compressed_t video_compressed
Bitstream of a compressed video frame.
sensor_format_video_roi_t video_roi
Video where the region of interest (ROI) specifies the active video portion within a bigger buffer of data.
sensor_format_user_data_t user_data
User data that's specific to a given user.
sensor_format_video_bayer_t video_bayer
Video format for Bayer video.