Updated: May 06, 2022

Format for sensor data with payload consisting of format-specific structures


#include <sensor/sensor_api.h>
typedef struct sensor_format_data_t {
    uint64_t data_size;
    uint32_t num_entries;
    uint32_t entry_size;
    uint32_t flags;
} sensor_format_data_t;


uint64_t data_size
The size of the data payload (bytes).
uint32_t num_entries
The number of data entries that can be found in the payload.
uint32_t entry_size
The size of each data entry (bytes).

To access the next entry, add this amount to your payload pointer that points to the current data entry.

uint32_t flags
Flags to indicate which fields in the format-specific structure are valid for all data entries.

The meaning of these flags is format-specific. For backwards compatibility, use these flags to confirm the presence of a given field in the structure before accessing it.




This format is used for sensor data where the payload consists of one or more data entries where each entry is defined by a format-specific structure.