About Screen

Updated: May 27, 2022

QNX Screen Graphics Subsystem is a graphics framework that provides all the functionality necessary to develop interactive user experiences.

Screen allows developers to create specific vertical applications using industry-standard tools in a UI development environment.

Figure 1. Screen

The Screen Graphics Subsystem Developer's Guide is intended for application developers . There are several code snippets included in this guide. These examples show what functions can be called and how they can be called by your application. Make sure you perform the appropriate error handling in your application. For readability, we’ve omitted any error checking and handling in the code snippets.

This table may help you find what you need in this guide:

To find out about: See:
Application development Application Development
How to render Rendering
How to use windows to display your content Windowing
How to share resources (e.g., buffers, content) Resource Sharing, Buffers
How to use your displays Displaying the contents of windows
How to handle input Input
How to handle events Event Handling
How to use asynchronous notifications Asynchronous Notifications
How to use permissions and privileges Permissions and Privileges
Screen utilities Screen Utilities and binaries
How to debug Debugging
Screen Library Reference Screen Library Reference
How to apply security policies Security policies
How to configure Screen Configuring Screen
Screen terminology Glossary