Updated: October 26, 2022

Set the background scan parameters before creating or updating a Saved Network profile


#include <qwf/qwf_wifi.h>
qwf_wifi_Results_e qwf_wifi_SetBgScanMode(qwf_Context_t *pCtx,
                                          const qwf_wifi_BgScanInfo_t *const pBgScanInfo,
                                          const char *const pDbFileName)


A pointer to the QWF service context
A pointer to a qwf_wifi_BgScanInfo_t structure containing the background scanning information
An immutable, NULL-terminated string containing the filename of the background scan database. This is required only for the WIFI_BG_SCAN_MODE_LEARN mode.




This function lets you temporarily save background scan settings before creating or updating a Saved Network profile. The settings are used by the Wi-Fi supplicant as rules that specify background scanning behavior when roaming within an ESS (i.e., a single network block with all access points using the same SSID).

You must call this function before qwf_wifi_CreateSavedNetwork() or qwf_wifi_UpdateSavedNetwork() to apply the scan parameters to a Saved Network profile. Otherwise, these parameters will be disabled by default when the profile is created or updated.


WIFI_OK Successful result

WIFI_ERR_INACTIVE The QWF Wi-Fi Manager service is inactive or not ready

WIFI_ERR_PARAM A pointer argument is NULL, the background scanning information contains a negative interval, empty database filename, or invalid scanning mode, or the QWF Wi-Fi Manager context can't be retrieved