Updated: October 26, 2022

Scan results entry


#include <qwf/qwf_wifi.h>
typedef struct qwf_wifi_ScanResult_s {
    uint8_t scanResultId;
    qwf_wifi_Ssid_t ssid;
    int signalLevel;
    qwf_wifi_SecurityProtocol_e supportedProtocols;
    qwf_wifi_FrequencyBand_e frequencyBand;
    char bssid[QWF_WIFI_MAX_BSSID_LEN+1];
    char vseStr[QWF_WIFI_MAX_AP_VSE_LEN+1];
} qwf_wifi_ScanResult_t;


uint8_t scanResultId

ID or index of the scanned result

qwf_wifi_Ssid_t ssid

SSID, as a NULL-terminated string

int signalLevel

Signal level

qwf_wifi_SecurityProtocol_e supportedProtocols

Security protocols supported by the Access Point, as a bitmask of qwf_wifi_SecurityProtocol_e flags

qwf_wifi_FrequencyBand_e frequencyBand

Frequency band used by the Saved Network

char bssid[QWF_WIFI_MAX_BSSID_LEN+1]

BSSID address, as a NULL-terminated string

char vseStr[QWF_WIFI_MAX_AP_VSE_LEN+1]

Vendor Specified Element (VSE) information, as a NULL-terminated string




This structure type stores entries found in the scan results. The results are written as an array of these structures by qwf_wifi_GetScanResults(). The contents of each structure represent properties of an access point, and remain valid until the function is called again.