About This Guide

This guide explains how to configure and launch the services that enable network management and Wi-Fi configuration in embedded systems.

For a listing of all Networking Middleware and QNX Neutrino services that support wireless networking and a summary of how to launch these services, see the Deployment Model chapter in the Networking Middleware Architecture Guide. We don't explain how to run every one of these services here. Instead, we provide startup commands for the main services, which run the others as background processes.

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Running the PPS-based Network Manager service Network Manager (net_pps)
Enabling packet filtering to support tethering Packet Filter Control
Tethering portable devices to the underlying platform Tether Manager (tetherman)
Running the PPS-based Wi-Fi Manager service Wi-Fi Configuration (wpa_pps)
Starting the wpa_supplicant service to enable the creation of Wi-Fi connections Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) Supplicant