Audio & Graphics API

These guides and references explain how to use the APIs for audio and graphics.

Document Description
Audio Developer's Guide Describes the audio drivers and API for developers who wish to write audio applications.
Gestures Library Reference How to determine what sort of gestures someone is using to interact with an application.
Image Library Reference How to write applications that render images using the libimg library.
Input Events Library Reference How to receive and process events from input devices.
OpenWF Display Configuration Developer's Guide Explains how to modify and build the Wfdcfg library for your display hardware.
Screen Graphics Subsystem Developer's Guide Brings together modern graphics, multimedia, and user interface (UI) technologies and provides a platform for applications built with HTML5, Elektrobit GUIDE, Crank Storyboard, Qt and native (e.g., OpenGL ES) code.
Video Capture Developer's Guide Explains how to use the video capture framework to capture frames from a video input source.