Summary of database files

Updated: May 06, 2022

QDB databases use many files. Suppose that you want to create a database named customerdb and store its data in /usr/local/db/ and its schema definition files in your home directory of /home/user1/, and that you're using the default PPS configuration path (/pps/qnx/qdb/). You would need the following files to set up this database:

File Purpose
/pps/qnx/qdb/config/customerdb Configuration object, stored as text file, containing paths to other setup files as well as policy settings such as auto-attached database preferences
/pps/qnx/qdb/status/customerdb Status file created by QDB to indicate database state after attempted loading
/usr/local/db/customerdb Raw SQLite file (created by QDB if necessary) that stores database content
/home/user1/customerdb.sql Schema definition file that defines tables, views, indexes, and triggers that make up database
/home/user1/customerdb_data.sql Data schema file that specifies initial data for populating database
/home/user1/customerdb_connect.sql Client schema file that defines commands to execute when a client connects
/dev/qdb/customerdb Device name used to access the database; see qdb_connect() for details