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Updated: April 19, 2023

The QNX Neutrino PPS Developer's Guide describes how to use Persistent Publish Subscribe to pass data between processes in a flexible manner that preserves information when the system is rebooted. The following links may help you find what you need:

To find out about: See:
An introduction to the Persistent Publish/Subscribe service, and how to run it QNX Neutrino PPS Service
A description of the PPS service's objects and their attributes Objects and Their Attributes
How PPS manages persistence Persistence
How to publish to PPS Publishing
How to subscribe to PPS Subscribing
How to use server PPS objects Working with server objects
Pathname open options, and object and attribute qualifiers Options and Qualifiers
A description of the publicly visible PPS encoding and decoding API functions and data types PPS Encoding and Decoding API
Sample publishers and subscribers Examples