Deciding what goes on the target

Updated: May 06, 2022

Depending on your system requirements, you will need to transfer different combinations of the IPL, OS image and filesystems to your target.

These combinations may include:

Figure 1. Different image combinations that can be transfered to the target system.

If your target board supports flash devices, you may wish to write the boot image and the flash filesystem (or the two combined) to the flash devices on the target. This is required if you want to boot from flash, of course. To combine filesystem images, you can use the diskimage utility (see Combining multiple image files).


During the initial development stages, you'll probably need to write the image into flash using a programmer or a download utility. Later on, when you have a flash filesystem running on your target, you will be able write the image file into a raw flash partition.

If your programmer requires the image file to be in some format other than binary, you can use the mkrec utility to convert the image file format to Motorola S records or Intel hex records (see mkref in the Utilities Reference).