OS Image Buildfiles

Updated: April 19, 2023

You can edit OS image buildfiles to configure OS images.

An OS image is created by the mkifs utility. The utility creates the image according to command-line options and instructions in the buildfile. The buildfile is a plain text file that specifies:

Locations of buildfiles

The buildfile for your BSP is located in the directory ${BSP_ROOT_DIR}/images/board.build. For example: x86_64-generics/images/x86_64-generic.build

Modifying buildfiles

To modify the OS image configuration using the buildfile, first review the information about the file's structure and content that this chapter provides. Then, make the required changes to the buildfile at the following location:


The buildfile changes take effect after you rebuild your system. To rebuild your system, in ${BSP_ROOT_DIR}, run make. (Because the rebuild process overwrites the buildfile stored in the ${BSP_ROOT_DIR}/images directory, you cannot use that buildfile to modify the OS image.)

For more information on how to build a new system image after you have modified the buildfile, see the chapter Working with QNX BSPs in this guide. See also the mkifs entry in the Utilities Reference, and the appendix Sample Buildfiles in this guide.