Sample Buildfiles

Updated: October 26, 2022

This appendix contains sample buildfiles that you can modify to support your hardware platform and your implementation requirements.

We'll look at some typical buildfiles which you can use with mkifs from the command line, or which you can import into the IDE's System Builder to get your system up and running. These examples are applicable (sometimes with slight modifications, which we'll note) to all supported platforms.

We start with fragments that illustrate some specific and particularly useful techniques, then present a few complete buildfiles. Thus, this appendix consists of:
  • Incomplete cut-and-paste fragments illustrating common techniques
  • Complete samples for the x86_64 platform
  • Processor-specific notes, where we look at what needs to be different for the various processor families
Note: You should read both the generic information and the information specific to your processor family, because many things you need to know about (e.g., shared objects, which are required by just about everything) are documented in the generic section.