Media format metadata container


#include <aoi.h>

typedef struct AODataFormat AODataFormat_t;


The AODataFormat_t structure is a private data type that provides a container for storing metadata about an image, video, or audio media format. The structure contains at least the following members:
uint32_t mtype
A flag indicating the media type, which can be one of:
  • MEDIA_TYPE_IMAGE (0x00000001)
  • MEDIA_TYPE_VIDEO (0x00000002)
  • MEDIA_TYPE_AUDIO (0x00000004)
These flags can be ORed with MEDIA_TYPE_COMPRESSED (0x80000000) if the data are compressed.
uint32_t fourcc
A standard “four-character code” describing the media type. This is the FOURCC value used in AVI and Quicktime files. Values should be constructed using the AOIFOURCC() or AOIFOURCC4() macro. Each macro accepts as input one of the AOIFOURCC_METADATA_* constants provided by the library or a four-character string describing another media type. For details, see the AOIFOURCC* constants and functions section.
union u
A union for storing one media format. The possible members are image, audio, and video, of type AOImageFormat_t, AOAudioFormat_t, and AOVideoFormat_t.


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