Updated: October 26, 2022

This interface lets addons define their own names. When an addon includes the Name interface, its control can then accessed by using AoFindName() or AoIterateName().

The Name interface itself is a pointer to a string. An example of adding this interface to an addon is shown at the end of the InitializeInterface sample. You should define names for all addons so you can easily interpret error logs, because you will be able to see in which addon a given error occurred. This is also helpful when using the utility that generates addon configuration files (aoiconftool), because you can refer to addons by name to increment or decrement their hold counters; for more information, see the aoiconftool reference.

We recommend using the same naming convention used for the addons shipped by QNX, in which the name defined by the Name interface matches the DLL filename. Because this name is sometimes used to select a specific addon, it should be unique, or at least unique among the addons that can be selected in this way.