Modifying Buildfiles to Generate Images with Multimedia

Multimedia support can be added to a QNX Neutrino target image by modifying a buildfile to include the multimedia utilities and libraries, and their dependencies. The Image Filesystem (IFS) generated from this buildfile can then be used to boot the embedded system with multimedia services functioning on the target board.

Note: We don't provide complete buildfiles that produce full images with multimedia support for particular target platforms. Instead, we provide excerpts with the lines needed to add the required executables and shared libraries, and to launch the appropriate services at boot time. You must merge this content into your own OS image buildfiles.

For general information on buildfiles, including their syntax and structure, see OS Image Buildfiles in the Building Embedded Systems guide. For instructions on building bootable images, see Building an OS image in the same guide.

You can start by modifying the buildfile shipped with the Board Support Package (BSP) for your target board.