Creating a launch configuration for debugging an OS image

When you install the TRACE32 TCF plugin in the IDE, a new launch configuration type is added. You can then create a configuration of this type to use the TRACE32-ICD on a QNX OS image.

To define a configuration that supports debugging through the TRACE32 software:
  1. Select Run > Debug Configurations.
  2. In the list on the left, double-click TRACE32 TCF to create a new configuration.

    The configuration tabs appear in the main area of the window.

  3. Provide a unique name in the Name text field at the top.
  4. Click the TRACE32 tab on the right to access the fields for configuring the TRACE32 software.
  5. Follow the instructions in the “Option B: Select Executable and Configuration File” section of the TRACE32 as TCF Agent Lauterbach document (app_tcf_setup.pdf) found on the TRACE32 download page, to set the paths of the TRACE32 executable and startup script and other important fields.

    Screenshot of TRACE32 debug configuration with TRACE32 tab selected and filled out
  6. In the configuration file, ensure that TCF is enabled. The file must contain a line with the text TCF= surrounded by empty lines.
  7. In the Debug Configurations window, click Apply to save the settings, then click Close.