Checking out the neighborhood

Once you've started Qnet, the /net directory includes (after a short while—see below) an entry for all other nodes on your local subnetwork that are running Qnet.

You can access files and processes on other machines as if they were on your own computer (at least as far as the permissions allow). For example, to display the contents of a file on another machine, you can use less, specifying the path through /net:

less /net/alonzo/etc/TIMEZONE

To get system information about all of the remote nodes that are listed in /net, use pidin with the net argument:

$ pidin net

You can use pidin with the -n option to get information about the processes on another machine:

pidin -n alonzo | less

You can even run a process on another machine, using your console for input and output, by using the -f option to the on command:

on -f alonzo date