Tutorial 4: Import a QNX BSP into the IDE

QNX distributes Board Support Platforms (BSPs) for the most popular platforms, as .zip archives. The IDE provides a wizard for importing a BSP package. When you do this, the IDE creates a System Builder project; for information about these projects, see the "Building OS and Flash Images" chapter.

Note: The current IDE doesn't support importing BSPs directly from Foundry27.
To import a BSP:
  1. Download the BSP .zip file to your host system.
  2. In the IDE, select File > Import to open the import wizard.
  3. In the wizard, expand QNX, choose QNX Source Package and BSP (archive), then click Next.
  4. In the Select the archive file dialog, specify the path to the package file in the File Name field, or click Browse to locate and select a file.
  5. Optional: If you want to review the information for the BSP package (to be sure you're importing the right one), click Next to proceed to the Package selected to import dialog, which lists details such as the full name and CPU architecture.
  6. Optional: If you want to define nondefault project properties, from the Package selected to import dialog, click Next to proceed to the Project Settings dialog. This last dialog in the wizard let you specify:
    • Project name — This becomes the name of the System Builder project. If you plan to import the same BSP multiple times (e.g., to build different system images for the same target hardware), be sure to give each project a distinct name.
      Note: Although the wizard allows it, don't use spaces or any of the following characters in your project name:

      | ! $ ( " ) & ` : ; \ ' * ? [ ] # ~ = % < > { }

      These characters cause problems later with compiling and building, because the underlying tools such as make and qcc don't like them in directory and file names.
    • Location — If you uncheck Use default location, you can enter a nondefault project location in the text field below or click Browse to choose a location using a file selector. The default path is your IDE workspace.
    • Working sets — You can check Add project to working sets and then choose an existing working set from the dropdown menu below (or click Select and choose from a popup dialog) to add the new System Builder project to a working set.
  7. Click Finish to begin importing the archive.

Congratulations! You've just imported a QNX BSP into the IDE.

The IDE creates a System Builder project and sets up the required properties (compiler options, build targets, and so on) so that the project can be built after the import process completes. To build the BSP project, simply right-click it and select Build Project.