QNX C/C++ Project properties

For QNX projects, which use QNX recursive Makefiles, the build settings are defined through the UI and the IDE regenerates the makefiles whenever you change these settings.

When you're creating such projects, the New Project wizard exposes some of the build settings in its Project Settings tab, allowing you to configure a project when creating it. After you've created the project, you can access the QNX C/C++ Project properties to edit those same build settings and define new ones. For instance, you can add include paths to your project through the Compiler tab and libraries through the Linker tab; both tabs are shown only in the properties dialog (not the wizard). Also, you can enable code coverage through the Options tab.

You can access the QNX C/C++ Project properties in two ways:

Regular and advanced modes

Any tab in the QNX C/C++ Project category can appear in two different modes: regular and advanced. The Properties dialog remembers your last mode setting and the tabs have different fields depending on the mode you select.

Click Advanced (at the bottom) to go to advanced mode, where you can override various options that were set at the project level, for the selected build variant only. The options that you can override are:

During the final build, the IDE merges the options you've set for the project's general configuration with the advanced options, giving priority to the advanced settings.

To return to Regular mode, click Regular (at the bottom).