Migrate your projects

Like your existing workspace, your projects are automatically upgraded to take advantage of the new IDE, except for managed make projects.

Note: If you want to use any of your existing managed make projects created in earlier versions of the IDE in QNX Momentics IDE version 4.0, these projects can't automatically be converted. You'll need to create a new managed make project for each project you want to convert, and then copy the source code directly to the new project.
To complete the migration of your projects to the new IDE:
  1. If your project is a QNX C/C++ project:
    1. Select QNX C/C++ Project in the list on the left, then the Make Builder tab to display the Make Builder settings:
    2. Check the Clean box in the Workbench Build Behavior group, and enter clean in the text field.
    3. Click Apply to save your settings, or OK to save your settings and close the dialog.
    4. Repeat this process for each of your projects.
  2. If your project was a Make C/C++ project:
    1. Follow the instructions in Creating an empty Makefile project.
    2. Import your project data into the newly created project.
    3. Follow these steps for each make project.