Creating an empty Makefile project

To create an empty Makefile project using the C or C++ wizard:
  1. Select File > New > Project > C/C++, select either C Project or C++ Project, then click Next.
  2. In the Project name field, type a name for your project.
    Note: Although the wizard allows it, don't use spaces or any of the following characters in your project name:

    | ! $ ( " ) & ` : ; \ ' * ? [ ] # ~ = % < > { }

    These characters cause problems later with compiling and building, because the underlying tools such as make and qcc don't like them.
  3. In the Project Types area, expand Makefile project and select Empty project.
  4. In the Toolchain list, select QNX QCC.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Click Finish to complete the wizard and create the project.
    • Click Next, click Advanced settings, and then select your C/C++ Build and build target properties and any other options. Click Finish to create the project.

    The result is an empty Makefile project.