Printers on serial lines

When you connect a printer via a serial line, you must set the proper baud rate and terminal modes.

The following example is for a DecWriter III printer connected locally via a 1200-baud serial line:

lp|LA-180 DecWriter III:\
The name of the file to open for output.
The baud rate for the tty line.
Flags that set CRMOD, no parity, and XTABS.
Print a formfeed character when the queue empties. This is handy when the printer has continuous paper, because you can tear the paper off when the print job finishes instead of first having to take the printer offline and manually advance the paper.
Use a filter program called lpf for printing the files (see "Filters," below).
Write any error messages to the file /usr/adm/lpd-errs, instead of to the console.