int io_unlink ( resmgr_context_t *ctp,
                io_unlink_t *msg,
                RESMGR_HANDLE_T *handle,
                void *reserved ) 

Classification: Connect

Default handler: none

Helper functions: iofunc_unlink()

Client function: unlink()

Messages: _IO_CONNECT with subtype _IO_CONNECT_UNLINK

Data structure:

struct _io_connect {
  // internal fields (as described above)
  uint16_t path_len;
  uint8_t  extra_type;
  uint16_t extra_len;
  char     path [1];

struct _io_connect_link_reply {
  uint32_t reserved1;
  uint32_t file_type;
  uint8_t  eflag;
  uint8_t  reserved2[1];
  uint16_t chroot_len;
  uint32_t umask;
  uint16_t nentries;
  uint16_t path_len;

struct _io_connect_ftype_reply {
  uint16_t status;      /* Typically an errno */
  uint16_t reserved;
  uint32_t file_type;   /* _FTYPE_? in sys/ftype.h */

typedef union {
  struct _io_connect             connect;
  struct _io_connect_link_reply  link_reply;
  struct _io_connect_ftype_reply ftype_reply;
} io_unlink_t;

Description: Responsible for unlinking the file whose pathname is passed in the input message structure's path member.

Returns: The status via the helper macro _RESMGR_STATUS().