Environment panel

This panel lets you customize the build environment for all projects in the workspace. It also lets you control the environment variables used by the build.

Lets you select a build configuration. The settings you define in the other fields will then be applied to that configuration only. Build configurations are based on the architecture of the target platform (e.g., x86, ARM) and whether a Debug or Release binary is generated. A Debug configuration lets you see what's going on inside a program as it executes. A Release configuration creates applications with the best performance.
Environment variables to set
Shows the current list of environment variables and their corresponding values. These environment variables are used at build time. The fields for each entry include but aren't limited to:
  • Variable — The name of the environment variable.
  • Value — The value of the environment variable.
Append variables to native environment
Appends the variable settings to the native environment during execution.
Replace native environment with specified one
Replaces the native environment with the specified variable settings during execution, then restores the native environment upon its completion.
The buttons on the right works as follows:
Opens a dialog to define a new environment variable setting. Custom environment variables that you create appear in bold within the list.

Click Variables to select variables to include in the value. Select Add to all configurations to make this new environment variable available to all configurations for the selected project; otherwise, the variable is only available for the currently selected configuration.

Opens the Select variables dialog where you can choose from a list of system variables.

Modifies the name and value of the selected environment variable.
Removes the selected environment variables from the list.
Undefines the selected variable; however, some variables, such as the PATH variable, cannot be undefined.