CDT impact on the IDE

In addition to the many fixes and enhancements to the QNX IDE plugins, this version of the QNX IDE tool suite includes the features from the Eclipse 3.7 and CDT 8.0 integration.

When you create a project, you need to be aware of the difference between managed and make projects. If you aren't using QNX projects, you'll have to select between the managed or the make project type. Once you select a C or C++ project type, the IDE launches the New Project wizard. In this wizard, you select between a managed or Makefile project (the managed project includes templates for an executable, and for a static and shared library). For both managed and Makefile projects, you can select a toolchain; however, with a Makefile project, you'll have to supply your own makefile; a managed project can build using the internal builder.


If you use make projects, you have to manually create a Makefile for that project type.

When upgrading your older IDE 4.0.1 projects to IDE 5.0, all 4.0.1 projects should successfully upgrade except for make projects. For your make projects, you'll receive an error message. For information about creating this type of project, see Creating an empty Makefile project and Allowing a Makefile project to be launched outside the IDE.