Migrating from Earlier Releases

The QNX Momentics tool suite lets you install and work with multiple versions of QNX Neutrino (from 6.2.1 and later). Whether you're using the command line or the IDE, you can choose which version of the OS to build programs for.

Note: Only versions of QNX Momentics with different medial version numbers can coexist. For example, QNX SDP 6.3.2 can coexist with 6.2.1, but not with 6.3.0. However, 6.4.0 can coexist with QNX SDP 6.4.1, as well as 6.5.0 and 6.6. Coexistence with QNX SDP 6.2.1 is supported only on Windows hosts.

When you install QNX Momentics, you get a set of configuration files that indicate where you've installed the software. On some platforms, the location of the configuration files for the installed versions of QNX Neutrino are stored in the QNX_CONFIGURATION environment variable.

Upgrading to QNX SDP 6.6 (IDE 5.0) of the IDE involves two basic steps:

  1. Step 1 — converting your development workspace to be compliant with the latest version of the IDE framework. The IDE performs this process automatically at startup when it detects an older workspace version.
  2. Optional Step 2 — converting your individual managed make projects. For more information, see Creating an empty Makefile project.
    Note: Upgrading from versions before SDP 6.3.2 requires that you upgrade your projects to IDE 4.0.1, and then follow the two step migration process (above) to upgrade to IDE 5.0. For additional information about migrating, see Migrate from IDE 4.0.1 to IDE 5.0 (SDP 6.6.0).