Transferring an image file

Before powering on your target board, you must start the TFTP server in the IDE.
To transfer an image file using the TFTP Server view:
  1. If necessary, open the TFTP Server view by selecting Window > Show View > Other, and in the Show View dialog, selecting QNX System Builder > TFTP Server.
    The view appears in the bottom right area by default. When the view is open, the internal TFTP server starts running and listens for file transfer requests.
  2. Using the QNX System Builder's TFTP terminal, configure your target to request a file recognized by the TFTP server.
    Note: The internal TFTP server recognizes files in the Images directory of all open QNX System Builder projects; you don't need to specify the full path of the image file.
  3. Power on your target board.
    When the board's bootloader program requests the image file (as you configured it to do in the previous step), the internal TFTP server fulfills this request.
Initially, the TFTP Server view shows your host's IP address. During a transfer, it shows your target's IP address, the requested file, and the transfer status. The view also shows all past transfers. To clear it, click the clear button ().