Downloading using TFTP

The QNX System Builder's TFTP server eliminates the need to set up an external server for downloading images (if your target supports TFTP downloads). This feature is handy when your host OS doesn't have a TFTP server set up. After configuring your target board through its ROM monitor (in particular, enabling IP communications), you can use the TFTP server to download images to the target.

Because the TFTP server transfers files over an Ethernet link, this method is much faster than using a serial link. Also, the server knows about all QNX System Builder projects in your workspace and automatically searches them for system images whenever it receives TFTP transfer requests. These transfer requests come from your target's bootloader program.

When you first open the TFTP Server view (in any perspective), the QNX System Builder starts its internal TFTP server. The view provides status and feedback for current and past transfers:
TFTP Server view

Each view entry shows the following details for a transfer: