Convert .phs output for PostScript


phs-to-ps [-D debug_fname] [-d] [-E] [-F]
          [-l1] [-od] [-p start[,end]] [-pr]
          [-U filename] [-V]

Runs on:



-D debug_fname
Send debug information to the specified file.
Delete the input file after processing.
Create an encapsulated PostScript file.
Specify a fontmap (font substitution table) file. If not set, the utility uses the default Photon fontmap file /etc/printers/fontmap.

This file contains one or more “entries”, or font definitions, each on its own line (separated by the newline character \n). Each entry has the form:

alias = fontname


fontname : regular_font_name, bold_font_name, italics_font_name, bold_italics_font_name

An alias is a way to substitute all instances of the aliased font with another font. The font name should correspond to a font that's already loaded on the printer.

Note: There are hard-coded aliases used in the default file /etc/printers/fontmap which you shouldn't use in your own fontmap file. All aliases should point to a defined font name.

It is important to have a default font defined. If a font name is not found in the fontmap file, the default font is used instead. For example, if you'd like to map all fonts to the printer's default font, you just need one line in your fontmap file:

(“el one”) Postscript Level 1 (default: PostScript Level 2 which supports color).
Append Ctrl-D to the end of the job.
-p start[,end]
Specify the starting (and optionally ending) page number to print. If start is greater than end, the pages are printed in reverse order.
Print the entire file in reverse order.
-U filename
Delete this file when the print job is completed.
Be verbose (-VV: be more verbose).
Name of a Photon draw-stream (*.phs) file.


This utility converts Photon draw-stream (.phs) output into PostScript. The configuration file for PostScript printers, /etc/printers/ps.cfg, specifies phs-to-ps as a filter for spooler to use.

The output is sent to stdout. Typically this is redirected to a printer device, as shown in the example. This utility sends any error messages to slogger; use sloginfo to display them.


phs-to-ps file.phs >/dev/par

See also:

phs-to-bjc, phs-to-bmp, phs-to-escp2, phs-to-ijs, phs-to-pcl, spooler

Printing with spooler in the Printing chapter of the Neutrino User's Guide