Convert .phs output to a bitmap file


phs-to-bmp [-A] [-B size] [-b size] [-c colors] 
           [-D debug_fname] [-d] [-h height] 
           [-n name] [-orn] [-oSX,Y]   
           [-P file] [-p start[,end]]
           [-pr] [-s level] [-U filename] 
           [-V] [-w width] [-x offset] [-y offset] 

Runs on:



Force anti-aliasing of fonts.
-B size
Specify the size of the printer buffer in bytes. This buffer is used if the specified input file is a FIFO.
-b size
Specify the size of the printer buffer, in bytes.
-c colors
The number of colors available (bytes per pixel); colors must be 1 (256 colors) or 3 (16 million colors). The default is 3.
-D debug_fname
Send debug information to the specified file.
Delete the input file after processing.
-h height
Specify the initial height of the source image. The default is 480 pixels.
-n name
Specify the name of the printer as a string.
Set the resolution; the default is 300 DPI.
Scale the image in the X or Y dimension (e.g. -oS0.75,0.6). The scale value may be:
Scale as a multiple of the source image size. For example, use -oS-1,-1 to print the image at exactly its source size. Each pixel of the image will correspond to one printed dot on the page. The size of the printed image will vary depending on the printer resolution (DPI).
Scale as a multiple of the page size. For example, use -oS1,1 to print the image at the full page size. In this example, the image will be distorted if its aspect ratio (X:Y) is different from the page's width:height ratio.
Use the maximum size while respecting the aspect ratio of the source image. For example, -oS0,0.5 scales the image to half the height of the page and scales the width of the image proportionately.

If you set only the X scale factor, the Y scale factor is assumed to be the same value. For example, -oS0.5 sets both X and Y to 0.5, meaning the image will fill ¼ of the page.

-P file
The name of the Photon palette file to use. The default is default.pal.
-p start[,end]
Specify the starting (and optionally ending) page number to print. If start is greater than end, the pages are printed in reverse order.
Print entire file in reverse order.
-s level
Specify the reporting level, where level is an integer.
-U filename
Delete this file when the print job is completed.
Be verbose (-VV: be more verbose).
-w width
Specify the initial width of the source image. The default is 640 pixels.
-x offset
The initial x offset (default: 0).
-y offset
The initial y offset (default: 0).
Name of a Photon draw-stream (.phs) file.


This utility converts Photon draw-stream (.phs) output into a bitmap (.bmp) file. Currently, only one page of output is supported.

The output is sent to stdout. Typically, you redirect it to a file, as shown in the example.

Note: The output file must be a real file.

This utility sends any error messages to slogger; use sloginfo to display them.


phs-to-bmp file.phs >outfile.bmp

See also:

phs-to-bjc, phs-to-escp2, phs-to-ijs, phs-to-pcl, phs-to-ps, spooler

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