QNX in Automotive

Why do Automotive Manufacturers Choose QNX Software Systems?

Because they need to build high-quality products that can stay current with rapidly moving consumer electronics. Because they need to manage the onslaught of devices, technologies, protocols, standards, and user interfaces that stretch engineering teams to the limit and impact start-of-production dates. Because they have to create products faster than ever, even though their teams need to integrate dozens of modules from multiple suppliers. Because they have the challenge of creating a single software strategy that fits everything from entry-level vehicles and luxury models, that reduces bill of materials costs, and that adapts easily to deployments across the globe.

At QNX Software Systems, we know that a well-designed software architecture is the key to building the flexibility that automakers need. We help them design a software strategy that maximizes their productivity while protecting for the future. We know how to mix open source with functional safety components, to support multiple mobile devices with unique requirements, to blend several HMI technologies into a seamless whole, to safely incorporate downloadable content and apps, to root out software bugs as early as possible in the development cycle, and to create purposeful innovations that save customers money. We have the products and the experience automotive companies need to build world-class products in record time.