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Objective Interface Systems, Inc.
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Objective Interface Systems, Inc. (OIS) is the leading global provider of middleware solutions for inter-process communication for disparate systems. OIS offers ultra-low latency, real-time connectivity software development tools for use in complex and demanding environments, such as aerospace, defense, automotive, telecommunications, financial, medical, robotics, industrial automation, and consumer electronics. The ORBexpress product family is the most widely deployed communications framework for distributed and heterogeneous systems where failure is not an option. ORBexpress is a high performance, secure real-time implementation of the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) standard. The ORBexpress product provides a common communication platform that is available on a variety of processors, operating systems, compilers, and in C++, Ada, Java and VHDL for FPGA implementations. The integrated solution of ORBexpress and the QNX Neutrino RTOS provides embedded developers with a high performance, extremely reliable CORBA solution tightly coupled with a robust, high-performance RTOS designed for embedded applications requiring small footprints and fast response. ORBexpress is licensed on a per-developer basis, and there are no run-time fees or royalties. Each license includes the first 12 months of full technical support, updates/upgrades, etc., as well as a three-day training class. A pioneer in the development and adoption of advanced real-time CORBA technology, OIS creates smart products for smart systems. OIS continues to develop cutting edge, real-time commercial applications through continuous research and development efforts.

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