QNX Licensing

Welcome to the QNX® Licensing page, where you will find information on licenses offered by QNX Software Systems Limited (QSS) for the QNX Momentics® Development Tools, the QNX Neutrino® RTOS, and the optional QNX Aviage™ middleware software (collectively, the QNX Development Suite).

The QNX Development Suite v6.3.2 (and later versions) is now offered under four different licensing streams, defined by their corresponding QNX Developer Licenses (QDLs):

For detailed information on each licensing stream, please click on the relevant link.

For those who are purchasing or have purchased QNX Development Suite licenses for versions earlier than 6.3.2, we maintain an archive of our Momentics End User License Agreements (MEULA) and associated License Guides and Third Party Terms Lists as well as other end user license agreements. Please refer to our document archive page to access these documents.

If you have any questions, please contact us at licensing@qnx.com.