Creating a basic "Hello World" app

Here you'll learn to develop a basic HTML5 app that displays "Hello World" as its output.

Note: The entry point (main start page) of your app must be called index.html.
We'll begin to develop a basic HTML5 app for the QNX CAR platform by setting up the following:
  1. Open a file browser and point it at the WebWorks folder you extracted earlier. (For information about WebWorks, see "The HTML Development Tools".)
  2. Browse to the Framework/clientFiles folder.
  3. On your computer, create a folder named HelloWorld. This will be your main app folder.
  4. Copy the webworks.js file into your HelloWorld app folder.

Now that you've set up your environment, let's create the "Hello World" app together. Next, you'll start by creating a configuration document for your "Hello World" app (such as app metadata and permissions.), and an entry point file to specify information.