Creating an app

You'll learn how to create and debug a "Hello World" HTML5 app.

Note: You're free to use any text editor or development environment you're comfortable with to create your HTML5 app. Although there's no limitation on what you can use, we discourage the use of WYSIWYG editors, because these tend to generate code that's difficult to maintain and often causes performance problems.

A WebWorks app is a standalone app, which means you're not required to point to a remote server to load a web page or app because the app lives on the device. The app is essentially an arrangement of web assets that are packaged into a container that can be viewed by a headless browser (the WebKit engine container). When you create your "Hello World" app, you'll take advantage of the standard HTML5 web technology to build it.

To create your first "Hello World" HTML5 app web file, you'll:

Note that at a minimum, your app will require the following files: config.xml, index.html, ands webworks.js.

Now, you are ready to start creating your first "Hello World" app.


Before you continue, if you haven't already installed the required software, see Getting Started Guide.

For this example, a Windows 7 development host was used.