UI and Media API References

Document Description
Audio Manager Library Reference Provides functions to get/set audio properties (device status, volume, etc.) and to add/remove events to notify clients that are using audio devices.
Gestures Library Reference Functions for handling touchscreen gestures and events.
Glview Library Reference Simplifies development when using OpenGL ES 1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0 for rendering graphics in apps.
Image Library Reference Provides functions for handling images, enumerating codecs, etc.
Input Events Library Reference Functions for receiving and processing events from input devices.
Metadata Provider Library Reference Functions for writing applications that use the libmd library to extract metadata from media files on attached devices.
Multimedia Renderer Developer's Guide How to use the mm-renderer library to control playback in multimedia applications.
Multimedia Synchronizer Developer's Guide How multimedia applications can use the mm-sync service to synchronize a device's media information with a database.
Screen and Windowing Developer's Guide The architecture components of the screen and windowing library and how to use them in applications.
String Pattern Library Reference Functions to register strings containing regular expressions, recognizers, and handlers that perform actions based on those strings.

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