Inspect outstanding allocations

Outstanding allocations are memory allocations that are currently active (i.e. not freed). Sometimes, they are valid allocations, and sometimes they are implicit memory leaks. Since an allocation pointer is used, it can't be detected as a memory leak; to validate that an allocation is required, you have to manually inspect it.

To manually inspect outstanding allocations:

  1. Open the Memory Events view and click on a desired session to populate it.
  2. Select the Filter… option from the context menu.
  3. Select the Hide matching allocation/deallocation pair option and click OK.
  4. Select the Group By Backtrace option from the context menu.
  5. Review the results (only those allocations that remain in memory, or were in memory at the moment of the exit).
  6. Select one allocation from the table. The Memory Backtrace view becomes populated with the current stack trace for the selected event.
  7. Optional: To inspect allocations that only occurred between certain time intervals, use the Quick Filter option from the context menu to restrict the events range.