Check out existing projects

The IDE integration with source control (CVS and SVN) can detect the presence of the project metadata in the repository, or check out existing projects. You have an option to search recursively and check out all existing projects from a selected folder, or choose a specific project. You can also create a special file, called Team Project Set (.psf), which contains a set of projects that you want everyone to check out. Team sets can be located in the source control repository, and the IDE will recognize them (and check out all specified projects automatically).

For simplified project creation, if you don't want to build using the IDE, but you want to use the debugger, the System Profiler, or if you want to find memory corruption, you can create a simple project in IDE to use by any of these tools.

To configure this type of project, follow these steps:
  1. Create an empty Makefile project.
  2. Copy or link sources into the project. To create a link, create a new directory in the project, and in the new directory dialog, click Advanced and select Link to folder.
  3. Copy or link any binaries and library into the project.
  4. Create a launch configuration for the selected binary. If you want the source navigation and sources aren't in the same location where they were compiled, you need to enable Source Path Lookup (edit the Source tab for the launch configuration to provide a lookup).