Create a project in the IDE

Note: In earlier versions of the IDE, there were two different project types: Managed make, which automatically generated a Makefile, and Standard make, which required a Makefile in order to be built. Now, you select a project type, and that determines the build system to use.

You can continue to create a make project using the C or C++ wizard. For instructions about how to create this type of project, see Create a make project.

If you're creating an application from scratch, you'll probably want to create a QNX C Project or QNX C++ Project, which relies on the QNX recursive Makefile hierarchy to support multiple CPU targets. For more information about the QNX recursive Makefile hierarchy, see the Conventions for Recursive Makefiles and Directories chapter in the Neutrino Programmer's Guide.

Note: If you want to import an existing project, see Import existing source code into the IDE in the Managing Source Code chapter in this guide.

Use the New Project wizard whenever you want to create a new project in the IDE.