Conventions for Recursive Makefiles and Directories

In this chapter, we'll take a look at the supplementary files used in the Neutrino development environment. Although we use the standard make command to create libraries and executables, you'll notice we use some of our own conventions in the Makefile syntax.

We'll start with a general description of a full, multiplatform source tree. Then we'll look at how you can build a tree for your products. Next. we'll discuss some advanced topics, including collapsing unnecessary levels and performing partial builds. Finally, we'll wrap up with some examples of creating Makefiles.

Although you're certainly not obliged to use our format for the directory structure and related tools, you may choose to use it because it's convenient for developing multiplatform code. If you do use this structure, you should use the addvariant command to create it; for more information, see the Utilities Reference as well as the examples at the end of this chapter.