Debug launch controls

In addition to controlling the individual stepping of your programs, you can also control the debug session itself (e.g. terminate the session, stop the program, and so on) using the debug launch controls available in the Debug view (or in the view's right-click menu).

As with the other debug controls, these are context-sensitive; some are disabled depending on whether you've selected a thread, a process, and so on, in the Debug view.

Action Icon Description

Kill the selected process.
Terminate & Remove

Kill the selected process and remove it from the Debug view.
Terminate All

Kill all active processes in the Debug view.

Detach the debugger (i.e. gdb) from the selected process (useful for debugging attached processes).
Remove All Terminated Launches

Clear all the killed processes from the Debug view.

Restart the process.
Note: The debugger keeps the project's files open while the program is running. Be sure to terminate the debug session before you try to rebuild the project; otherwise, the build will fail.