Jump to a memory address in the Disassembly view

In the Disassembly view, you can jump to any memory address to view the section of disassembly, starting at a specified memory address (a hexadecimal or decimal value. The IDE then queries the debugger for the disassembly for that memory address, and refreshes the view to show a section of disassembly starting with that address.
To jump to a memory address:
  1. From the Disassembly view dropdown menu, select Go To Address.

    The Enter Address dialog appears.

  2. Type a decimal or hexadecimal value of the memory address that you want to jump to, and click OK.

    This action takes the memory address and creates a new Disassembly (Go To Address) view with a section of disassembly starting with the specified address.

To use this feature, you'll need to do the following:

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